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To insert Your property in the portal we invite You to fill out the form under brought and to press the button of dispatch after having read the informative about the privacy. (*) The registration happens in three following phases of which this is the first. In the second phase You will fill in other page the informations obout Yor property and about the firm manager, in the third phase the descriptions and the photos of your property. The insert of the property it is not binding and You can decide in any moment to go out of the project sending an e-mail to gal@tin.it or a written communication to the person responsible of the treatment dates under suitable with a warning of a week.
Choosing mode ' "Direct contact" (without reservation form and discount) the structure will not pay any percentage on the reservations but only a premium flat rate of € 30.00 per year and into the minisite created on the portal will be on display all the data to facilitate direct contact between the customer and the structure: e-mail, telephone, phone, mail address and website. The structure will be immediately inserted The exposure of the contact data will be made after the payment of the above standard amount by bank transfer or credit card. .

If selecting the mode "Direct booking" the structure will have on the minisite created on the portal, a reservation form which allows it to offer different prices for the same reduced rates based on length of stay and other discounts that will be made available later, on the basis of specific requests structures. The property through the control panel can. .
1) Manage the periods in which grant such discounts. .
2) Define the amount in percentage of discounts related to a period ranging from 2 days to 10 days of stay .
3) Define the percentage of deposit to be requested when booking discounted .
4) Define the steps to collect those advances directly by the method normally adopted (Bank trasfer, Credit Card, Paypal) .
5) Call up, if desired, with a link to his website the reservation form for use directly with the visitors of that site..
With this device you can manage a marketing system similarly to the one carried out by large hotel chains which, through rebates, they can extend the stay of its guests. A customer will make a reservation directly from the portal paying the deposit oand providing to the property, to guarantee the reservation, the datas of his credit card.
The property will not pay any percentage on the reservations but only a premium flat rate of € 50.00 per year.

The client is kept to entirely read the text using the vertical scroll bar

Informative on the treatment of the personal data to the senses of the Law 675/96 (*)

(*) (With the purpose to receive confirmation writing of the visualized information, to the senses of the art. 4 paragraphs 1 of the D.Lgs 185/99, the partner is kept to stamp or to save on computer support the present page.)

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