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Bed and Breakfast


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1) - Venetians by birth, Paola and Ubaldo revive, in their house, the eighteenth century enchanting environment and the warm hospitality they are used to in their family. At 'Il Glicine Fiorito', day isn't marked by strict hours or fixed rules, but just by those getting from the natural respect and from the individual requirements. During breakfast in the dining room or under the Wisteria pergola, meeting the guests fosters friendly chats about Venetian history and art or information about the local gastronomy and about unusual trips, less known than the more crowded sightseeing tours.

2) - 'Il Glicine Fiorito' (The blossomed Wisteria) is a large and comfortable house: it has always been the meeting place for children and friends: nowadays it is the point of reference also for travellers attracted by Venice, but curious as well to see the Lido, the 'golden island' between the Laguna and the Adriatic Sea, when you can admire an ideal synthesis of art, natural sights and works of man.

3) - The peculiar placing of B&B, in the Lido of Venice, in front of St. Mark's, enables you to resolve a lot of practical problems if you will visit Venice: - you can reach the Lido by car, on a comfortable ferry-boat and park just in front of the House free of charge - frequent and quick links with the most beautiful sightseeing tours are available - you can have cheap meals in numerous restaurants and 'pizzerie' - you'll find a very well-stocked supermarket near the House - you'll have a free beach in front of the House, if you feel like sun bathing

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